"...of value to musicians of all levels."

"...unique, efficient, and productive system."

".. easy to follow."

"...presents a comprehensive approach"

"works well as a college text and/or self-study method."

"...[for] anyone aspiring to learn the jazz language."

"12 key practice routine is especially valuable."


"I have never seen anything quite like it."

"... effective in developing a personal, improvisational style."

Endorsements, Comments, Feedback on
The Jazzmaster Workout Improvisation Method

"The JAZZMASTER WORKOUT Improvisation Practice Method is extremely thorough and very practical. The theory is to the point, clearly presented, and usefully based on common practice. The 12 key practice routine is especially valuable."
Jamie Aebersold, Jazz Educator, Saxophone

"I've looked over Jim Grantham's JAZZMASTER WORKOUT practice method and I find it very thorough and practical for learning the techniques of not only jazz improvisation but basic musicianship and harmonic theory. I highly recommend that it be published as it would make a great text and workbook combination for teaching jazz in high schools and colleges. The workbook and tapes in particular will help a student with the actual 'how to' of practicing, attaining, and mastering basic musical skills."
Dave Liebman, Jazz Artist and Educator, Saxophone

"The JAZZMASTER WORKOUT is the best book I've ever seen for training serious, contemporary music students in improvisation. Very often, students tend to sound alike and play predictable cliches because they are locked into pre-memorized patterns. The exercises (a.k.a. the TOOLS) recommended in this approach are very musical and are especially effective in developing a personal, improvisational style."
Ed Kelly, Jazz Artist and Educator, Piano

"I wholeheartedly endorse the JAZZMASTER WORKOUT practice method. It is a complete and comprehensive study guide for anyone who wants to improvise music."
Bruce Forman, Jazz Artist and Educator, Guitar

"Jim Grantham's JAZZMASTER WORKOUT is an innovative and effective approach to the art of jazz improvisation that can be of value to musicians of all levels. Beginning with basic theory, this text presents the harmonic and vocabulary that has become so essential to jazz expression. Also provided are interesting practice techniques and exercises that ensure musical growth and development. Ideal for individual use, the WORKOUT additionally could serve as a text/workbook for high-school and college-level jazz programs. The JAZZMASTER WORKOUT will be an invaluable addition to your practice routine as well as a useful reference for years to come."
Larry Monroe, Chairman, Professional Performance Division, Berklee College of Music

"Jim Grantham's JAZZMASTER WORKOUT is an extremely valuable tool for musicians who want to improve their improvisation skills and creativity. It is a very thorough source of information on Jazz theory and melodic techniques. The JAZZMASTER WORKOUT is the most complete method of its kind that I've ever seen."
Bruce Gertz, Jazz Artist and Educator, Bass

"I am very impressed by the JAZZMASTER WORKOUT. It is the perfect text for a college jazz theory or improvisation class. There a dirth of good jazz theory books out there, and this new offering is very clear and comprehensive. The layout draws you in and I especially like the comments in the margins."
Mel Graves, Jazz Artist and Educator, Bass

"Jim Grantham has put together a wonderful method which presents jazz theory and its application in a clear and concise manner. The method is thorough and very user-friendly. The information is presented in a supportive and personal manner which often gives the feeling that the author is right there with you. I highly recommend the JAZZMASTER WORKOUT to anyone aspiring to learn the jazz language."
Steve Erquiaga, Jazz Artist and Educator, Guitar

"I found Jim Grantham's JAZZMASTER WORKOUT the most complete and enlightening tool for studying jazz theory and improvisational concepts that I've seen. It reaches far beyond memorizing the trendy cliches to substantial and extensive information on how to think musically. He's lifted up the corners of the rugs and in an honest and selfless manner answers all the questions!"
Jules Broussard, Jazz Saxophonist

"Everyone [editors at CPP Belwin] feels that the book is very complete, specifically the theory part, and that the concept of the workout section which outlines practice material but doesn't demand specific musical phrases, will broaden the scope of the player rather than limit him like some of the lick approach books that exist."
Sandy Feldstein, President - CPP Belwin

"One of the most uncommonly efficient and practical methodology presentations on the concepts and processes of improvisation I have encountered--Jim Grantham's learner-friendly format and blend of text, workbook, and audio tape provides an invaluable aggragate instructional tool for jazz education."
Herb Wong, Jazz Producer and Educator

"Jim Grantham shows diligence and perserverance in putting together a most concise and sequentially logical method for the teaching and study of jazz improvisation. I am impressed with his clarity and emphasis on outlining musical tools which aid in the conceptual development of an individual seeking their own signature and musical stories. This book works equally well aa a college text and/or self-study method.
Larry Ridley, Jazz Artist and Educator, Bass

"I am writing this letter to tell you how pleased I am with the JAZZMASTER WORKOUT program, and impressed with the 'system' for learning that you have developed. This 'system', --allows musicians of all levels of expertise (including beginners) to learn to improvise and play what they hear and feel, not just what they know, and to understand the musical concepts behind what they play.
I have taught on the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral level for twenty years. I am struck by your organization of information; how easy it is in practice to move from the Music Theory text to the Improvisation Practice Method text, to the fully integrated tapes and back again. Each unit continually reinforces the information in the others, multiplying their effectiveness and the educational return for the student.
I have never seen anything quite like it. Certainly the system is on its own educational level, not to be compared to the many 'how to' music books that clog the stores. You have created a unique, efficient and productive system. As one educator to another, I congratulate you!"
Michael Korman DPS, MS, FICD, Saxophone

"The Workout method works very well for me. It is concise and not cluttered with incomprehensible exercises. It allows you to develop your own practice routine within the context of the workout. It is neither too general nor too regimented. The tapes are great to play over and really get me started."
Thomas Randall, Guitar

Jim's method has given me a way of maximizing my limited practice time. Everything in the method has a purpose and is related to playing jazz. The method is well organized and easy to follow. It seems to pull together many aspects of practicing jazz into one practice method. You can see yourself progress as well!"
Mike Waters, Saxophone

"I think it's a fantastic system! - particularly the 'key of the week'. It has really helped me to focus and not be overwhelmed and yet there is an undercurrent of excitement in that I can see that -- I will be able to honestly call myself a musician; speak the language; create some beauty in the world with other folks through music."
Kerry Parker, Violin

"I have been searching for a method of learning jazz harmony for two years and have purchased about 40 or 50 different jazz books and lessons from three jazz piano teachers.
I finally found in Jim Grantham's "The JAZZMASTER COOKBOOK" not only a very thorough method of learning jazz piano, but an extremely thorough method of learning music as a composer. I'm 59 years old and very grateful for this method.
Phillip Hoffert, Piano

"Jim Grantham's approach to improvisation is comprehensive: the text, workbook and audio tapes provides both student and teacher a structured framework for playing and teaching jazz."
Bob Calonico, UC Berkeley Jazz Ensembles

"I am pleased to recommend the excellent jazz instruction course by Jim Grantham. As a classically trained pianist, I find the series of tapes and accompanying textbooks to be extremely valuable; it is certainly the best method for learning jazz improvisation skills that I have ever seen.
The JAZZMASTER WORKOUT Theory textbook is very clearly written and presents a comprehensive approach, from beginning to advanced concepts. Key points are emphasized in bold print along he side of each page, adding to the easy readability of this book.
The JAZZMASTER WORKOUT Workbook gives students a way to reinforce the material presented in the theory text through filling out lessons in all keys. The cassette tapes are an especially useful tool for learning to improvise while simultaneously applying concepts from the textbook.
The method is quite enjoyable and offers valuable information for musicians of all levels."
Diana S. Perry, Piano

In the JAZZMASTER WORKOUT, Jim Grantham has developed a comprehensive program for learning to play improvised music. The Workout not only provides a thorough explanation of jazz harmony and theory, but provides the student with a structured practice routine which allows him or her to take an organized approach to learning.
Herein lies the major strength of the Workout as a methodology for the study of improvisation and what allows it to stand out above other techniques or textbook treatments. Many beginning or even intermediate improvisers experience frustration with exactly how to approach the learning or improvement of their skills. Much of the instruction given today is vague, incomplete, aloof, and intimidating.
There probably isn't a student who hasn't been given the daunting task to "memorize this lick-- then play it in all 12 keys." The Workout moves beyond this type of superficial instruction by providing the student with a set of "tools" (practice routines and exercises) which are applied in a systematic manner to common chord changes and tunes. These tools, when played with a set of 12 cassette practice tapes not only develop technical proficiency on the instrument, but reinforce critical ear training concepts. The result is a confident student with a definite place to start, a clear direction of study, and the ability to create original improvised melodies at a very early stage of study.
It's clear after studying with the JAZZMASTER WORKOUT that Jim Grantham has a genuine interest in jazz education. Underlying his presentation is an appreciation for specific problems and roadblocks students often encounter learning improvisation and instrumental technique. One gets a reassuring feeling that Jim has wrestled with these same problems himself and shares with you successful, straight-forward techniques for working through them.
Based on my personal experience and success, I highly recommend the JAZZMASTER WORKOUT."
Nick Paliao, Saxophone

"This is a wonderful way to learn the inner workings of jazz. It's almost zen-like in it's approach: Although you'll think you aren't "getting it", you are! When you start playing, some amazing things come up."
Jack Ronan, Keyboards

"Jim Grantham has created a method that is a virtual PASSKEY to the understanding of harmonic relationships, melody techniques, and practical improvisation. Thanks to the METHOD, I now have the tools with which to develop my own personal style."
Jerry Sullivan, Piano