The Jazzmaster Workout in the East Bay
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Jazzmaster Workout Classes and Lessons

by Jim Grantham

Our main goal is the propagation and support of live, creative, improvisational music. In the face of increasing conformity and commercial hype, we work to promote the sound of the individual spirit. We play, produce, teach and encourage all forms of jazz.

The Jazzmaster Workout can be used by jazz improvisation instructors and students anywhere in the world. However, students in the San Francisco Bay Area have the additional opportunity to learn directly from creator Jim Grantham.

Group Classes – Jazzmaster Workout Workshop Series

The Jazzmaster Workout classes are a progressive set of six 8-week workshop series. The 2 1/2 hour classes alternate a week of theory and ear-training with a week of practical application, meeting weeknights from 7:30–10 PM. All workshops use the Jazzmaster Cookbook, featuring the Jazzmaster Workout Improvisation practice method by Jim Grantham.

See our Calendar for current offerings. The first week of each series is a in-depth review of the previous class. All instruments and voice are welcome. Let us know if you would like us to send you notification on future class dates.

Class Level Description
Jazzmaster Workout
Workshop I

Modality and Tonality
Beginning – Intermediate
Recommended for most students.
Major Scale, Number System, Intervals, Chords, Chordscales, Voicings, Guide Tones, Functional Harmony, Basic Melody, Rhythm, Framing, Practice Tools, Ear Training
Jazzmaster Workout
Workshop II

Major, Minor Harmony
Intermediate Review I, Blues, Major Key Harmony, Minor Key Harmony, Modal Interchange, Sub-Dominant Minor Function, Tune Analysis, Ear Training, Melody Writing
Jazzmaster Workout
Workshop III

Chromatic Harmony
Intermediate – Advanced Review II, Extended & Secondary dominants, Related II-Vs, Standard and Jazz Tune Analysis, Ear Training,Tunewriting, Practice Techniques
Jazzmaster Workout
Workshop IV

Advanced Harmony
Advanced Review III, Tritone Substitution, Diminished Function, Altered Dominant Scales, Advanced Tune Analysis, Tune writing, Ear Training
Jazzmaster Workout
Workshop V

Advanced Review IV, Modulation, Line cliches, Inversions, Chord substitution, Re-harmonization Concepts, Turnarounds, Composition
Jazzmaster Workout
Workshop VI

Jazz Styles
Advanced Review V, Behop Styles, Modal Styles, Pentatonic Styles, Nonfunctional Harmony, Contemporary Tunes

All classes offer intensive musicianship training and in-depth improvisational theory. These are not jam sessions. The classes are highly structured and include extensive ear training, theory and practical practice techniques. Advanced classes involve tunewriting and in-depth analysis of standards and jazz tunes.


  • $295 for one 8-week series, or
  • $50 per class*

* Students are given the option of committing to the rest of the semester by paying a lump sum of $30 per remaining week.

Private Lessons

  • Theory, Musicianship, Improvisation (all inst.)
  • Technique of Saxophone & Flute

Private lessons allow a student to pick a convenient schedule, proceed at their own pace, get personal feedback on abilities and problems, work on personal projects and performance. Many students take the Jazz Theory classes for the information and eartraining and also take private lessons for performance abilities and personal coaching. Private lessons are usually every other week. ($100 for 1.5 hours or $125 for 2 hours)

Skype Lessons     New offering!

  • All instruments and voice

For any students, anywhere, who want to check in by Skype for lessons, consultations, and feedback on their progress with the Workout.

To sign up for a Skype session, please email with dates and times that work for you. You may call 510-271-7904 as well. We'll agree on a date/time and length of session. You'll then "send money" by Paypal to ($60 for 45 minutes, $75 for 1 hour or $100 for 1 1/2 hours)

Jazzmaster Workout Improvisation Method

All classes and private lessons are based on the Jazzmaster Workout improvisation practice method, which introduces topics in a logical fashion and provides the framework for much more intensive woodshedding after the classes are completed.

There is a required Theory book and Workbook (combined into one book entitled the Jazzmaster Cookbook) for the series. The Jazzmaster Workout CDs are optional but are highly recommended for those students who really want to advance their playing technique.

For strong, self motivated students the world over, it is possible to acquire the Jazzmaster Workout Theory book, Workbook and CDs and work on your own. However, the classes are designed to ensure a complete and thorough assimilation of both the theoretical and practical concepts.